A comprehensive guide to all Tom Ford perfumes for men

A Guide to Tom Ford Men’s Perfume – 2024

After testing nearly all Tom Ford fragrances, here are the 10 best picks for men.

Tom Ford stands out as a fascinating perfume brand that occupies the middle ground between mass-market designer labels and luxurious niche fragrances. A common trait among their scents is their uniqueness and recognizability, with some even being bold. Tom Ford’s releases are divided into two distinct lines: the more accessible Signature line and the more exclusive Private Blend line. Over the years, there have been numerous releases, but in this guide we list the current top 10 options for men.

1. Ombré Leather

The currently best leather perfume for men

jean paul gaulier le male

Quick Facts:

  • Signature line
  • Available in two concentrations
  • All about leather
  • Best in spring & autumn

If you’re a fan of wearing a leather jacket, then you definitely need a perfume to match the vibe. Ombré Leather is currently the best pure leather fragrance for men on the market. By “pure,” I mean that leather is the main focus and standout note. It’s important to note that Ombré Leather is available in two different concentrations: Eau de Parfum (EdP) and Parfum. The EdP version is more intense, with a stronger leather note, whereas the Parfum is smoother, slightly fresher, and includes some light floral notes to soften the leather. Most men might prefer the Parfum for its versatility.

2. Noir Extreme

I call it the Batman Fragrance

Le Mâle Le Perfume perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier

Quick Facts:

  • Very potent
  • Late autumn and winter
  • Sweet, dark and rich
  • For melancholic guys

Tom Ford’s Noir Extreme is a fascinating release that I like to think of as the Batman perfume — it’s exactly what I imagine a character like Bruce Wayne would wear. It’s a dark, mysterious blend that combines dark roses with a sweet base, yet remains distinctly masculine. Due to its intensity and sweetness, it’s best suited for the colder months of late autumn and winter. So, who should consider buying this? Noir Extreme is perfect for the intelligent, sophisticated man with a touch of melancholy and introversion. In my view, the standard Noir Extreme is superior to the newer Noir Extreme Parfum, which leans too heavily on sweetness.

3. Beau de Jour

Tom Ford’s classic men’s cologne

Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Mâle Elixir

Quick Facts:

  • Fougère (barbershop fragrance)
  • Very masculine
  • Fresh and herbal
  • Signature line

A Fougère, often referred to as a barbershop fragrance, is a classic men’s cologne genre typically featuring lavender as its primary note. Beau de Jour represents Tom Ford’s take on this style. While many Fougère perfumes may seem a bit dated, Beau de Jour stands out as refreshingly modern. This modernity is partly due to the addition of Ambroxan, which injects a vibrant freshness into the fragrance. In summary, Beau de Jour is a robust and distinctly masculine fresh perfume, making it an excellent daily choice for those in search of a retro yet contemporary cologne.

4. Tobacco Oud

The choice for all the tough guys

jean paul gaultier ultra male review

Quick Facts:

  • NOT a crowd-pleaser
  • Be confident or this fragrance wears you
  • Suitable for few occasions
  • Best in colder climates

Tobacco Oud stands out as one of the most polarizing perfumes available, eliciting strong opinions from all who encounter it. Wearing it requires a significant level of confidence—it’s a scent designed for the quintessential tough individuals who are indifferent to the judgments of others. Picture someone like Clint Eastwood: tough, masculine, and unapologetic. Truthfully, no review can truly guide you in deciding whether it’s the right fragrance for you. It’s a personal journey to discover if you’re ready to embrace it. While I haven’t experienced the new flanker, Tobacco Oud Intense, some suggest it’s somewhat milder and more approachable.

5. Lost Cherry

A unique and sexy cherry fragrance for the open minded

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau

Quick Facts:

  • Unisex
  • Very unique
  • The most authentic and delicious cherry
  • Disappointing performance

Keeping it straightforward: do you LOVE cherries? If yes, then as a man, you essentially have two choices. You could opt for L’Homme Idéal by Guerlain or Lost Cherry by Tom Ford. Lost Cherry stands out as the most authentic, most intense, and most photorealistic representation of sweet cherries, resembling more a cherry syrup than the actual fruit. Due to its sweetness, Lost Cherry tends a bit towards the feminine side but remains wearable by men—provided you’re open-minded. The only significant drawback is its somewhat below-average performance.

6. Mandarino di Amalfi

An Italian summer in a bottle

jean paul gaultier le beau

Quick Facts:

  • One of the best summer perfumes
  • Great daily
  • 100% unisex
  • Bad performance

Mandarino di Amalfi is, without a doubt, one of the best summer fragrances ever made. Picture driving a convertible through the Italian countryside on a beautiful sunny day. Envision the most exquisite mix of fresh, authentic citrus fruits, mingled with mint and basil. It’s a perfectly unisex scent, and it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t adore this scent DNA. If you were to ask me, “Peter, which is your favorite Tom Ford fragrance?” my answer would be Mandarino di Amalfi.

7. Fucking Fabulous

A remarkable and memorable fragrance (.. and name)

Le Beau Paradise Garden

Quick Facts:

  • Something new and different
  • Versatile as long as you wear it on colder days
  • Average longevity
  • Private Blend

Let’s face it, the name grabs your attention: Fucking Fabulous. A perfume with such a bold title should live up to its name. And while I might not be entirely convinced it’s fabulous, this Tom Ford creation is undeniably unique and memorable. How to describe it? Imagine sweet leather – leather infused with tonka beans, almonds, and vanilla. You won’t find any other fragrance out there that smells even remotely similar. It’s bold, intriguing, quintessentially Tom Ford.

8. Tobacco Vanille

The most well known Tom Ford

Le Beau Paradise Garden

Quick Facts:

  • For autumn & winter
  • You need to love sweet stuff
  • Great longevity
  • Private Blend

Tobacco Vanille, one of Tom Ford’s initial releases back in 2007, has arguably become his most renowned creation. A closer look reveals a rather straightforward unisex fragrance. The name itself hints at what’s in store – tobacco and vanilla. Indeed, there’s often beauty in simplicity. Tobacco Vanille is an ideal choice for dates on chilly winter days. Just make sure you’re a fan of sweet fragrances, and you’ll be all set. Oh and by the way, the scent will lasts for many hours on your skin.

9. Oud Wood

People love it, I don’t

Le Beau Paradise Garden

Quick Facts:

  • Good, serious daily
  • All-seasons minus summer
  • Very woody
  • Average longevity

Tom Ford’s Oud Wood is often regarded as the zenith of fragrances, even being hailed as the best unisex perfume of all time on a popular perfume platform. Like Tobacco Vanille, Oud Wood offers a straightforward and simple composition – simple in the best sense. As the name suggests: Oud Wood. It’s decidedly woody. In my humble opinion, Oud Wood is best suited for mature individuals, as it lacks any overt sweetness or playfulness. If you aim to project an aura of maturity, seriousness, and professionalism, this might be the fragrance for you. The Parfum concentration is nearly identical to the Eau de Parfum, just a bit more potent.

10. Eau de Soleil Blanc

The coconut summer option

Le Beau Paradise Garden

Quick Facts:

  • Reminds me of sun lotion
  • Citrus + coconut
  • Summer vibe
  • Short longevity

Soleil Blanc is a standout choice for summer, evoking the essence of creamy coconut-based sun lotion. It smells delightful, though it tends a bit towards the feminine side. It’s important to note that there are two variants of this perfume: Soleil Blanc and Eau de Soleil Blanc. While the original Soleil Blanc may lean more feminine, Eau de Soleil Blanc is genuinely unisex. Eau de Soleil Blanc is less sweet, fresher, and more transparent than its counterpart. It’s an intriguing option for casual summer days.

Final Thoughts:

These are the top 10 Tom Ford fragrances for men, in my opinion. Naturally, Tom Ford’s portfolio includes many other perfumes, but the ones I’ve mentioned stand out as the best. Overall, Tom Ford offers some of the finest and most distinctive fragrances available. The Signature line is relatively accessible to everyone, but whether you wish to invest in the more expensive Private Blend is a decision you’ll have to make for yourself.

Tom Ford - A Guide to Tom Ford Men's Perfume - 2024

Peter Krück


These are the top 10 Tom Ford fragrances for men, in my opinion. Naturally, Tom Ford’s portfolio includes many other perfumes, but the ones I’ve mentioned stand out as the best. Overall, Tom Ford offers some of the finest and most distinctive fragrances available. The Signature line is relatively accessible to everyone, but whether you wish to invest in the more expensive Private Blend is a decision you’ll have to make for yourself.

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